Kandruswamy Testimonials

Always there...

I have known Swamiji, as I respectfully call him for over 25 years.
He was introduced to me by a friend.
Over the years he has guided me on issues, always senses hard times before they even hit and guides accordingly.
His predictions are always spot on and remedies work.
He has done multiple predictions and almost all have come true.
I do not even move a step without his guidance.
I am so so glad that he is there to guide and support.
Sachin Gupta
2022-08-11 03:41:23

Faith of hope to our problems

One of the best Nadi and vedic astrologer I have ever met I know him since past 30years and he is very knowledgeable and a astrologer with a positive tone towards all problems we have and give us a faith of hope in resolving our problems Best wishes to you
Sophiya Raghupathy
2022-08-06 11:33:13

Kandruswamy means Kind and Continuous Support

Faith in God never fails you.
But, when you face little hurdles you need a guide and moral support to cross over it.
He is the one always supporting me, whenever I looked to him.
I am aware of his busy schedule and services to many VVIPs, since decades but he is as simple as the one, I met him first 21 years ago.
Best wishes to him, always as a well wisher.
H. Ramamoorthy
2022-08-06 08:09:38

About Kandruswamy

"He excels in diverse disciplines through dedicated horoscope reading that fulfills a need – we understand that people need answers that are timely, authentic, and clear. He provide’s answers to clients in the areas of finance, relationship, career, spirituality, health, business, children/family, travel and other personal problems too. By getting the the nadi reading or the birth chart reading done and performing appropriate remedies is a rich and rewarding experience for his clients."